In "Kan-bump", a worker attempts to turn an umbrella into a bottle of wine. He made a kanban board, gathered a number of hypotheses, and prepared the workplace. The movements are rhythmic and monotonous, the process of finding and obeying this instrument is pleasant. The umbrella is hung on a hanger, placed in a bag around his neck, plugged into electricity, thrown into a trashcan, placed in a carafe of water. Of course, none of the hypotheses works, since both the task itself and the methodology chosen to accomplish this task are absurd.

At a certain point, the kanban board gained strong aesthetic power and broke away from any reasonable use, either within corporate structures or outside of them. One can make the kanban board for a "dispute" or a "quarrel." In other cases, the kanban is returned as an empty sign back to corporate use, but already applied as a "cargo cult" when a project needs to be done, the board hangs and nothing happens.